Consumer Products & Retail

This is one of the various sectors in which LBC operates. The retail has been consolidating as the natural growth of the market slows, approaching saturation.

Win scale

The interest of international players in markets formerly exclusive to local companies has reinforced the need for retail to gain scale to have the right to compete, allowing, among other things, greater negotiating power with suppliers and the use of synergies for the creation of regional distribution or use of own transport fleets. In this context, the growth imperative has led to the reduction of operating margins and the search for more efficient models to serve the customer and to gain / maintain notoriety (share of mind). The emergence and consolidation of online retailers, the proliferation of our own brands, the growing attention given to lean retailing and logistics optimization, the use of information systems that allow the immediate integration of data in a perspective not only of control but also focused on consumer analysis, as well as the constant renewal of formats and images of the main brands in the sector are some of the events that mark the recent evolution.

Value creation

On the other hand, consumers are more demanding, looking for greater value, better service and convenience. The Exposure to competitive and diversified offerings, the emergence of formats in which the need for physical proximity has ceased to be a selection factor, the ease of price comparison in similar products, means that "location, location, location" is no longer the unique (or even the main) element of business success.


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Consumer Products & Retail