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With proven expertise in this area, Leadership Business Consulting (LBC) has developed very focused interventions in the sector, particularly in the private sector, having designed solid methodologies to respond to the challenges posed and implemented projects to support the increase of the organizational and operational efficiency of health units.

Focus on transformation

Our team of multidisciplinary consultants has a results-oriented approach ("make it happen") and a revitalizing stance focused on transformation. Leadership Business Consulting's key areas of expertise in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology are:

  • Strategy and Value Creation
  • Organization and competence management/HR
  • Leadership, talent management and training
  • ICT training and various business areas
  • Process reengineering and IT consulting/SI
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement
  • Monitoring systems

Fighting inefficiencies

In Portugal the sector is characterized by successive reforms or adaptations of the National Health Service (SNS), although the scope has been inconsequential and has even led to poor management. In fact, a set of structural and operational inefficiencies remain, such as the difficulty in accessing the public service; unequal distribution; the scarcity of Human Resources; and the excessive weight of drugs in the total cost structure, which have led to the deterioration of the financial component of the NHS, evidenced by the significant increase in public spending and the high deficit figures that it has been presenting.

Challenges of entrepreneurship

To solve these inefficiencies, several reforms were implemented in order to "entrepreneurialize" the management of health units. Thus, these units need to implement a set of management tools, so as to be able to respond to the challenges inherent to their entrepreneurship, such as to direct the health management to a more strategic perspective, with the "user" as the center of the system; leadership and management of human resources, in an environment of greater mobility, demand and multicultural reference of these; adapting organizational structures to the new context and changing working methods for greater flexibility, accountability and recognition; efficient management of operations in order to obtain potential productivity gains associated with the optimization of the management and logistics of resources; improve access to information and the quality of management processes (optimization of information systems)..

In addition, as far as the private sector is concerned, there has been a significant investment by the large national financial groups, both in the construction of health units and in the participation in the management of public units.

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