Transport & Logistics

With proven expertise in this area, the Leadership Business Consulting (LBC) multidisciplinary team has a results-oriented approach ("making happen") and a mobilizing stance focused on transformation.

Focus on results

The main areas of competence of Leadership Business Consulting are:

  • Strategy and value creation 
  • Leadership, talent management and training
  • ICT training and various business areas
  • Process reengineering and IT consulting/SI
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement
  • Monitoring systems

Sector in transformation

Logistics has a major impact on the development of business activity and the quality of life of citizens, especially in large urban areas. Traditionally seen as strategic, with strong public influence, reduced efficiency and underfunding causing high deficits and with high weight of incumbents of public capital, operating in monopoly, the sector has been gradually transforming itself.

Railway mode is a paradigm of transformation, essentially in response to EU directives and the need for competitiveness vis-à-vis other modes. LBC has implemented concrete solutions to modernize rail transport, increase efficiency, increase management standards and performance.

In the airport sector, competition has forced a constant effort to reach levels of competitiveness that allow it to succeed in a very aggressive market. We were present, for example, in the definition of a system of quality management and continuous improvement in an airport service operator.

Specialized support

In general, the key objectives of the sector have been focused on the customer, both in increasing the efficiency of the logistics chain in the business sector, and in increasing mobility and flexibility on the individual side. Structurally, the agents' work has focused on the definition and contracting of the public service, on the intramodality and integrated planning of the system, for example through the creation of so-called metropolitan transport authorities, which have become common throughout Europe.

LBC has supported the sector with government entities in terms of the profitability of the installed capacity of the assets of the transport companies and the increase of the quality of the offer, such as in the study for the telecommunication and customer information systems.

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